Time for Tea

Various sizes
June 2015

Tea is an important part of global culture, with every one having their own exclusive rituals of consumption. It brings out the intimate; friends talk about families, sad stories, and gossips over a cup of tea.

In history, tea also once served as a proclamation of freedom. It can be as cheap as water, but can also be a more expensive than gold. Sometimes one likes it pertaining to their own unique culture, sometimes one likes it fusion.

This tea set is a eclectic representation for individuals that enjoy tea, with its own value and diverse cultural associations.

The entire set resembles a setting in classic Chinese garden paintings: rain, lotus, and pond portrayed through styles and color. American plastic utensils channel young millennials consuming tea and dessert in modern, fast-paced, setting like boba shops. In contrast, important element such as a Japanese tea grinder and hot kettle are instruments that bring to mind slow-paced traditional tea ceremony.