Rooster's Jewel

24K Gold Leaf and Oil on Canvas
24 x 36 Inches
April 2017

Collection of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China located in Xi'an
Painted to celebrate Lunar Year of the Rooster.

A gift of appreciation to the City of Xi'an for inviting us as their honored guests, this painting shows the cross-strait friendship between China and Taiwan. 

In a painting style that uses Western and traditional Chinese brush techniques, the piece represents our arrival to beautiful land of Xi’an and their hospitality toward us, by depicting a rooster (2017 is the year of the rooster) resting in a beautiful spring surrounded by pomegranate blossom, the flower of Xi’an. The rooster sees its reflection as jeweled and shining, showing the limitless potential we have discovered through our blooming, flowering, friendship, in hope for good relations between the two countries for years to come.