Return on Invested Capital

Oil on wood panel
33 3/4 x 30 in
November, 2018

This piece talks about the problem of education in the world today pertaining but not limited to art majors. Growing up in the so called “millennial” world, we are taught to believe education is everything. You study, you get a good grade, you get a good job.

Is that still the case?

Graduating from UCLA and looking for work, I realized a degree no longer guarantees a job. In fact, people around me seem to be a master’s / phd candidate. Volunteering at the Mattress Factory Museum, I realize many of my peers working as shop attendant pertains a masters degree. Yet there are people like Jack Mac, rejected by Harvard 10 times, becoming China’s richest person.

Yet education is so expensive. So many students graduate with these degrees, yet still cannot find work.