When Will the Rain Stop?/In Hope for Some Sunshine

Oil on wood panel
16 in x 20 in
July, 2018

As an artist in this world, we often question our own roles in society. When will it be the day we can feel like we “made it”? Or even what happens to our work after we die? Where do we belong? A lot of people say artist only become famous after they die. But the truth is most of the time that doesn’t happen.

We are as munchkins scattering in the rain to find a niche to belong in. Some artists find themselves under the shelter of well known institutions, while others are still out in the rain searching for their own sanctuaries.

These characters are protected under their vibrant umbrellas; however, what protects them also obscures their vision as they stumble through this harsh terrain. Unfortunately, some get trampled over, broken, outdated, like a corpse left in the harsh terrain to rot. This world is not easy for most creatives because there is no direct formula or guideline to successful. To do what others do will only make you a follower, but innovating may also risk nobody believing in you.