Time for some Kongfu~ yup, but not me fighting hahaha.

I went with my mom and aunt and best friend from highschool (Luhan) to get physical treatment today. No it’s not just a massage, it is a massage with a lot of screaming. In Taiwan, we believe in traditional Chinese medicine. And a lot of people prefer this due to the non invasive factor of it. It is usually this “doctor” that is trained through a master and the secret to cure are only passed down to disciples.

I went there to hopefully treat my leg, but seems like another problem I have is my spine. With forces and bending, the doctor tries to push my spine back to the normal position. I couldn’t remember much other than me on the weird looking hole bed screaming and the other patients laughing and telling me to hold in, it will be done soon. Funnily, I do notice the trend. Everyone on the side tell the person on the bed to hold in, but when it is their turn, they ended up screaming like the previous person.