Dear Diary,

I’m very clueless on what I would like to do with my sculpture. For now I’m counting on my first thoughts/impressions to come up with what I want to do with the theme. So I ask myself questions and make definition for each word based on the first thoughts that come into my head when I say the word out loud.

For space, the first thing that comes to my head is the sky and the stars. From this I also developed a vision of the universe: stars, planets, and energies. The most vivid objects that comes to mind is Sun. This can also be derived from the video we watched in class about sun. I feel like space might be a major theme for me in this whole project.

For bodies, the first thing that I see is human bodies. This totally reminds me of the horror movies I watched over this weekend. I had a little horror movie obsession this weekend watching crazy murderer movie: The Cook, Chainsaw, Macabre, etc. Where the murderers slowly torture or kill a group of people. Something common between them is the urge to go for the heart after dismembering the victims. Thinking about it, I felt that heart is probably one of the most important organ in a human body. It is the organ that cannot malfunction at all or it will cause death. As a result, I feel like I would want to incorporate some sort a strong representation of heart and abstract body figure in my sculpture.

The first thing that comes into my head about the environment is the biology relations. This goes back to the idea of space and living for me. I feel like there’s a urge to show relation between things for this theme. Maybe time? Past, now, future? I’m not sure what I can do for this yet. However,  I want to tie my sculpture to show relation/dependency; creating a biological understanding of the environment.

The materials I would need will be based on the 3 primary materials we are required to use: wood, Metal, and plaster. However other than these material, another material I would need is probably some type of see-through material. I’m currently thinking about using glass or thin plastic sheet. Glass might look more sophisticated and is more durable, but plastic sheets are more accessible to shaping.

Anko Chang
January 21, 2014