The cohesive theme of illusion and misfit stems from the artist interest in the minds and its ability to create suspended states of awareness through interaction with reality and manufactured reality. The artist presents dense and intricate propulsions in the paintings and sculptures through referencing a rich historical value of the Chinese culture.

Using mixed medias artifice, the artist marks the illusionistic quality of this generation to be unique and losing or gaining an x-identity. Through personal process of the artist’s root and individual imprints, these paintings reflect on humanity and naturality of crossing cultures as time progresses, which also generate the renovation of Chinese traditional art.

The showcased pieces are representations of the artists in a state of ambiguity of their own identity growing up as a Chinese while lacking to function like a true traditional Chinese amongst the society. From steps they have taken for themselves with their own feet to research and express their history of Chinese culture and personal emotions, the artists have much dealt with enormous problems from western influences. With these artworks present the illusion and misfit of both the process and conclusion of the struggle and change of these artist.

Anko Chang
April 5, 2016